A Little Thinking (mayiwrite) wrote,
A Little Thinking

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Sang at Radio City Music Hall last night.

Didn't form kicklines like the Rockettes.

Such an historic building. As magnificent as you've seen on TV.

Didn't know I'd be performing with the largest cast ever to be on that stage: 300 in the choir for the evening, and over 2400 youth that afternoon.

Even better was being in the same room with one of the holiest men in the world. To sing for him, to sing for the work of the Lord.

With that being said, we could have performed in a dilapidated warehouse in the middle of nowhere and it would have been just as special.

To feel the power of his message and to be motivated and extremely humbled at the same time in so many aspects of my life is an experience I just can't describe.

Radio City: once in a lifetime.

Message: lifetime.

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