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Food Prep and Warming up the Playlist

I just pulled some gluten-free brownies out of the oven. I did not know they were gluten-free. We'll see if people eat them.

Robbie Williams is blaring in my ear right now. That one song of his. I don't know all the words. That's true for most of the songs I've heard.

Um, I'll be taking photos of the party.

A couple quotes, to cheat on the substance of this post...

From an instant message chat between my good friend Janine and me:  

Janine: Wasn't Gilead delicious
me: definitely
  I need to reread it
 Janine: Yeah, like every time you're done with it.
 me: her language, tone, everything was wonderful
 I would go back and reread parts before going forward. It's a great ruminator
 Janine: A ruminator. That's a nice cateory.
  When are you going to write a ruminator?
 me: i honestly don't know.
 Janine: Are you inspired these days?
 me: time is slipping away all too quickly
  i write something insightful for witty at least once a week at the livejournal
  i might compile something one of these days
  for = or
 Janine: I edited for you.
  have you ever said "edited it" out loud?
 me: yes. it's fun
 Janine: It's a tough one
 you can get hung up on that second syllable, and just skip...
 me: you sound like a machine gun
  shot a few rounds at a time
 Janine: Exactly!!!
  I know! who else could I have this conversation with?
  just you May!

I've talked about  Gilead before. Won the Pulitzer. Exquisite. Marilynne Robinson. 

I miss my friend, Janine.

And now, an excerpt from The Maytrees, a book I cannot get my nose out of:
"He pressed her close to say part of the poem in her ear. She touched her forehead to his. How absurd that brains could not embrace, although she favored the present arrangement." Oh, man. That last sentence. I've been waiting for the price to go down on this book for probably 6 months. It's Annie Dillard, and I cannot emphasize enough how much I love her writing.

Crap, guys. It's mid-90s Sheryl Crow. And that happened to follow Bryan Adams, from that Robin Hood movie. 

I had to skip over Amy Grant's "Baby, Baby" this time. A little "Machinehead" should get that taste of my mouth.


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