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That'll Leave a Mark

Last night after work I went into my regular vitamin shop to look for some herbal tea to drink at work.  While browsing, I chanced upon the health bars and decided to try a few different types.  Right now I’m eating one of these bars.  Here are the ingredients:


Organic Fruits of Life® Whole Food Antioxidant Matrix Bar



Here’s what it reads on the back of the wrapper:
"At [our company] we are dedicated to empowering extraordinary health. Our [tm] bars combine the goodness of nutritious whole foods such as organic fruit, nuts and sprouted grains with beneficial live probiotics, all sweetened with raw honey to create an incredibly satisfying bar that is both delicious and healthy for you. Each bar contains soluble fiber from oat beta glucan, an important ingredient for supporting a healthy heart."

This bar is very dense.  After a few bites, I'm already starting to feel full.  The health philosophy packed into this little bar makes it all that much more appealing.  Honestly, though, it tastes pretty gross.  It leaves a healthful, sticky film on my tongue, so that maybe I can enjoy it for hours on end!  Or maybe it combined with my toothpaste.  Remember those thick markers, the kind that smelled like "grape" and "blueberry" and other fruits?  Remember trying to eat those markers?  Didn't quite taste the way they smelled, right?  Well, that about sums up the flavor of this health bar.  It's twice as dense as a Powerbar, with the taste of blueberry magic marker and a tinge of honey.  Yeah.

I rode the subway down with one of my students this morning.  She's a senior, graduating; then she's off to college in the fall.  She's got her act together.  We sat by each other and talked and laughed.  We looked tired at 7AM, but we were coming from a good discussion the other teacher had led.  (The class was about the persecution of the early church, being driven from New York to Ohio to Missouri to Illinois, then finally to Utah.  Joseph Smith was aware of the constant mobs destroying their communities in Missouri.  They documented the incidents and took their case to the local judge, who wouldn't listen, then the governor.  Then later on, Brother Smith went to President Martin van Buren who said that his hands were tied, because if he sided with the Mormons, he'd lose the Missouri vote.)  I admire this student, growing up in the city, with her mother as a teammate.  So much stronger and more mature than I was at her age, or am.  I'll miss her when she's away.

Guys, if only I could write or color with this health bar, it wouldn't be a waste.  I'll finish eating it, though.  It better make me live to be a very spry 300 year-old woman.
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