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Opera in the Park

TURANDOT by Giacomo Puccini


*LAUREN(1), BYU grad, attending law school in Chicago, interning in New York; light red hair, freckles
*LAUREN(2), wait/actress; blonde, spunky, bohemian; completely adorable
*FIONA, from Ireland; dark brown hair, huge green eyes; has the kickassingest accent I've ever heard
*TED, FIONA's boyfriend; big guy, red hair and a red face
*BROOKE, friend of TED, FIONA, and LAUREN(2); ex-marine; tall, blonde, boyish, quiet
*DAVID(1), didn't show up until third act; Yale grad, law school intern; might have been LAUREN(1)'s ex-boyfriend; average handshake; 5'10", light brown hair and baby blues
*DAVID(2), lives in Brooklyn; LAUREN(2)'s roommate; 2nd year architecture school student; young--23; nice handshake; 5'8", dark brown hair, greenish eyes, killer smile and a dimple on his right cheek TO DIE FOR
*MAY, tagalong, bystander and observer
*three types of BREAD
*four types of CHEESE
*three types of HUMMUS
*three types of COOKIES

Yeah, I'm not going to come up with dialogue or develop a storyline. Too many Laurens and Davids. They're a fun bunch, though. A dialogue between all the food items, however, that'd be hilarious! ("Hi, I'm gouda." "Hi, I'm feta." "That's 'goud'a!" ba-dum-dum. crash.)

General statments:
I got to hang out with 100,000 people last night.
The music was excellent, the weather was perfect.
I thought we were going to see La Boheme ("is the real life, is this just fantasy/caught in a landslide/ no escape from reality ..."), what the freak is Turandot? And why are three of the characters' names Ping, Pang, and Pong?
It looked as if the three couples on a triple date sitting next to us were sharing one bottle of beer for the entire three hours.
I just might have to start going to church in Brooklyn.

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